Digitalizing hunting in the Mountains: MyHunt (“Jagdgefährte”) and the Voralberg Hunting Association Announce a new Partnership

Hunter & Co of Munich, developers of the app “MyHunt”, and the Vorarlberg Hunting Association, representing over 2.300 hunters in the Vorarlberg region, announced today the signing of a new cooperation which seeks to digitalize hunting in the alpine areas.

The cooperation will focus on delivering news and information instantly to members, building disease tracking functionalities as well as wildlife research, monitoring and harvest reporting. The Hunter & Co suite of apps is the No.1 hunting and land management app in Europe, which since its founding in 2018has over 550.000 users in Europe, as well as partnerships with many local, national, and international organizations such as FACE, CIC,  Garmin, Subaru, and many more.

The Vorarlberg Hunting Association was founded in 1919. For more than 100 years, the hunters in Vorarlberg have taken responsibility for the local wildlife and have campaigned for their preservation and habitats. Hunters in Vorarlberg see themselves as ambassadors for wildlife and consider sustainable management and respectful treatment of fauna and flora to be an essential contribution to active nature conservation. Hunter & Co is dedicated to support them in these goals by digital method.

Founder and CEO, Lorenz Frey-Hilti, said of the new agreement: “As someone who has hunted in Vorarlberg for most of my life, and has a great admiration for the landscapes and animals of this region, I am proud to welcome the second of the Austrian Hunting associations on board our project to revolutionize and digitalize hunting, wildlife and land management.”

President of the Vorarlberg Hunting Association (“Landesjägemeister”) Herr Dr. Breier said of the agreement: “We are glad to partner with such a forward thinking and exciting digital project which we hope will benefit hunting and conservation in Vorarlberg, Austria, and Europe at large.”

For more information, please contact:

Daniel Feile, CEO, Hunter & Co.


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