MyHunt - Tools for the field

Organise your team and area - increased safety with live hunting mode for groups -take your individual performance to the next level and stay always up to date with news and information from the most important sources.

Live Hunting Mode

Live Hunter location - Safety in the field

Live location tracking for you and your group. Spot the beaters coming over the hill and know which high-seat your friends are in.

Scent Direction - A better approach

Location-based weather data estimates the direction of your scent when approaching your harvest, get closer, faster, and more successfully.

Hunting Weather forecast - Be prepared!

Wind, temperature, rain radar, animal activity estimates, and lunar cycle. Always brings the right gear for a successful hunt!

Your adventures - securely stored in one place!

Where did you, what do you see, and what did you shoot? Store the information and pictures privately and securely to share when you want to.

Hunting area with high seats, hunters, hunting weather and GPS location
Hunting Area with high-seats, wildlife camera, feeding stations and red deer sighting marked on the map.

Area and Group Management

Points of interest - know where to go

Easily add hides, high-seats, feeders, trail cameras, traps and much more to your map. You can also use our custom points of interest to add your own, such as lodges, SOS points, watering holes, and anything you can think of...

Sightings and harvests - Record what you see and shoot!

Select from 400+ animal species to map sightings and harvests, including details such as weather, location, weight and age. Pictures will be automatically available in your personal diary and bag report

Area map - Hunting is better together!

Share your hunt and map with friends, family or colleagues to set tasks, record recent sightings and more. Easily assign roles and tasks within the group.

Your success in the field

Personal achievements - Get to the next level!

Earn badges by tracking what you have seen and shot. Save your memories and be the best hunter you can be...

Amazing features - all you need in one place!

Weather forecasts, offline mapping and distance rings are always available at the touch of a button during the hunt.

Individual statistics - track your performance!

Coming soon...

The right gear, for the right terrain

Add your guns and ammo to your gear profile, track what you used and where to always have the right equipment for the most challenging situations.

Red deer Badge earned from logging in hunting harvests and sightings.
News Magazine with article related to hunting

News, Offers, and Information...

Up-to-date information that you need to know!

News and information from local and international hunting associations, disease alerts, important call-to-action, and local events, as well as receipes, tutorials, hunting guides, and more..

The latest from leading industry partners...

The latest innovations, products and information from leading hunting industry partners, magazines and influencers.

Exclusive Offers - Big savings for regular users!

Benefit from custom product offers exclusive discounts from your favourite hunting brands. Subscribers to our pro-version get even more!

Planned Features

MyHunt relies on your feedback! We are constantly adapting to include more and new features that help hunters in the field, around the world.

PC / Web-Version

Get access to MyHunt directly via your browser to plan and review your adventures on a big screen at home.


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