An App for Maltese Hunters and Trappers in Collaboration with Hunter & Co

An App for Maltese Hunters and Trappers in Collaboration with Hunter & Co

The Federation for Hunting & Conservation – Malta (Federazzjoni Kaccaturi Nassaba Konservazzjonisti - FKNK) is pleased to announce a new collaboration with the German Company Hunter & Companion GmbH, creators of the app “MyHunt”.  The company was founded in 2018 and has since grown to become the largest developer of hunting apps in Europe with over 500,000 installations to date and growing rapidly.

Hunter & Co and FKNK share a passion for promoting sustainable wildlife management, accurate monitoring, and decision-making based on accurate information. Hunter & Co believes that its digital tools will greatly benefit the future of hunting in the Maltese islands and in Europe at large.  

Hunter & Co is in the process of adapting its hunting and trapping tool, “MyHunt”, for bird hunters and trappers. Its application allows the Maltese hunters and trappers to plan, organize and execute their experiences in the field, in a safer, more secure, and more successful manner with features such as point of interest mapping, harvest recording and securely sharing the location and safe shooting direction of other hunters in the field.

Hunter & Co CEO Lorenz Frey-Hilti said of the new agreement: “We are excited to work closely together with our Maltese friends to optimize our exciting app for hunters, which will also benefit wildlife research and management”

FKNK’s President Lucas Micallef added: “FKNK is currently working to implement measures and initiatives to be closer to its members. We have communication from several people, and we want to strengthen it further. The door of the FKNK always remains open, for every person and entity that in some way wants to speak or work for the cultural practices of hunting and trapping and for the good of the natural environment. We do not allow anything to hinder the unity of our community, but we always maintain a dialogue for the good of what we believe in.  The unity between us is important, today more than ever, and the introduction of the MyHunt App in Malta constitutes one of the best ways forward to consolidate this unity”.

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