Stronger Together: Hunter & Co Apps and the DIWIMA Game Tag show what Digitalization can do for Hunting

Successful Apps by Hunter & Co

The Munich-based company Hunter & Co. was founded in 2018 with the mission to digitalize hunting: before, during, and after your time in the field. Recently, they have reached over 500.000 installs, illustrating how much hunters appreciate it as their digital assistant.

And now this success will receive an exciting new addition: for the individual hunter as well as teams, groups and large driven hunts!

DIWIMA: intelligent assistant from the shot to game meat marketing

In August, the go-ahead was given for the cooperation between Hunter & Co. and the Münster-based start-up DIWIMA. The first pilot customers will use the integration of the two apps this year.

The digitalization specialist DIWIMA, headed by Thomas L. Rödding, has focused on the consistent simplification of all processes related to hunting operations, game meat marketing and disease prevention.

The idea: a digital game tag — which wills securely store all data of an animal. It has never easier to send the information of each individual animal to authorities, institutes, and game meat processors with just one click.

"This what convinced us to pursue the partnership: this extreme simplification of processes, which previously was achieved with a mountain of paperwork. We want hunters to be able to pursue their passion with as little bureaucracy as possible. By partnering with DIWIMA, we can offer a solution together."

Daniel Feile, co-founder & CEO of Hunter & Co. on the background of the cooperation.

Hunters can be curious

"Digitalization is not an end in itself, but must bring benefits," says Thomas L. Rödding, founder of DIWIMA. "We are very pleased to have Hunter & Co. as a partner with the same goal: to provide real benefits and simplify the hunting experience.”

The products of both companies are designed to meet the needs of hutners: whether a single hunt, large group and driven hunts or professional game meat marketing: every hunter can benefit from the solutions created. The users of MyHunt (MyFieldsports) will benefit from the direct integration of the DIWIMA game tag, the connection with the official processes and the seamless continuation into a high-quality game meat marketing. The customers of DIWIMA extend their hunting experience with the many features of MyHunt (MyFieldsports), e.g., with the live hunting mode, the connection of the latest news and information around hunting and the user-friendly area management within the MyHunt (MyFieldsports) app.

The features will first become available in the German speaking countries before an international launch is considered.

Both companies are pioneers in the market, and to bundle the advantages of their features is an important step forward for the hunting community.

Hunter & Co. Ltd.

Hunter & Co GmbH was founded in 2018 by Lorenz Frey-Hilti and Markus Ortmann with the vision of digitalizing one of the oldest of all activities: hunting. The resulting app for hunters: "MyHunt (MyFieldsports)", enables the organization, planning, and execution of all hunting activities, and has become the most popular hunting app in Europe in recent years. With over 500,000 downloads and numerous partnerships with national and international organizations and associations such as FACE, CIC, Frankonia, Subaru, Garmin, and many more. The MyHunt (MyFieldsports) app has established itself as a positive force for and by the hunting community and constantly seeks to adapt their universal solution to local situations.

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Diwima is a subsidiary of the ZifferEins Group headquartered in Münster/Westphalia. On the one hand, these digital pioneers have dedicated themselves to the benefit-centered digitalization of processes related to hunting, game meat marketing and disease prevention. On the other hand, they provide food producers (including hunters) with innovative tools to control the entire chain of processes themselves. The portfolio ranges from iPad-based labelling systems to process control software for meat processing plants.

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