Overview of the MyHunt
app functions

Hunting ground map, hunting diary and community

Hunting ground map

The MyHunt hunting ground map allows you to create, manage and share your own hunting grounds. This provides detailed maps around the world.

Create a hunting ground map

Create and manage one or more hunting grounds.

Share the hunting ground

Share your hunting ground map with your hunting partners.

Available online and offline

Use different types of maps: Online, offline and hybrid maps with contour lines and path markings.

Hunting ground points of interest

Create various customised and standardised points of interest such as hunting lodges, hides, feeding grounds & camera traps.

Hunting ground management

Manage your hunting ground data – points of interest, people & maps.


Enter in sightings, kills and much more on your hunting ground map.

Bagging list

Automatic overview of the status quo incl. time filter. 


Filter your hunting ground map by timeframe, entries, animal categories, points of interest and people.

Raised hide planning

Always know and plan who will be where.

To-do lists

Create tasks for each point of interest and assign them to others.

Chronicle your hunting experiences

The integrated hunting diary shows all of your entries to give you your very own hunting history.

Takedowns & sightings

Quickly and easily record kills and sightings in your hunting ground.

Hunting photo album

Easily recall hunting experiences.

Damage caused by game & more

Document other findings in your hunting ground.

Hunting diary

Chronological display of all the entries in your hunting diary.

Talk with hunting buddies

Our closed community makes it easy to stay in contact with your hunting friends.


Create closed groups and invite your hunting buddies.

Invite friends

Invite hunting buddies to share, organise and exchange information.


Create and share new posts in your community – quickly and easily.

Share photos

Share kills & sightings with friends.

Planned features

The MyHunt app will grow based on your feedback and will be expanded in time to include many more exciting features.

Wind and weather

Preview the weather, temperature, moon phases and wind direction in your hunting ground.


Find special offers and make use of our discounts.


View news from the region, publishers and other hunters all in your own feed.