Price and availability of the “MyHunt” app

How do I switch to the pro version of MyHunt ?

To switch to the Pro version, click on “MyHunt Pro” in your profile under additional services. The next step opens a page with the various subscription options. You can pick one of these options and try it out for free for 30 days.

What features are part of the free version of MyHunt?

Basically: All of the functions that existed before the Pro update will remain free to use. This includes an offline, online and hybrid hunting ground map, a hunting journal & photo album, hunting points of interest, the bagging list, entries for sightings, a compass, ability to invite hunting partners, a filter for the territory map, a newsfeed and features for talking to hunting friends via hunting and territory groups.

Is there a PC version?

It is not currently possible to install the MyHunt app on a PC. However, this feature is already being planned for future release.

How do I cancel my existing subscription (Pro)?

To cancel an existing subscription you must go to the active subscriptions section of your iTunes or Play Store account.

Apple App Store:

On your profile home screen, click in the top right. Then scroll down and click on “Manage subscriptions”.

Then click on your active MyHunt subscription. Now scroll down and click on unsubscribe.

Google Play Store:

On the home page of the Play Store, click on the menu button in the top left. Then click on “Subscriptions”. Once there, click on your current MyHunt subscription. In the lower part of the screen, click on “Cancel subscription” and then confirm.

What features are part of the Pro version of the MyHunt app?

The new Pro version includes the following functions in addition to the basic functions: Ability to create customised hunting points of interest, book and manage individual points of interest (raised hide planning and task lists), a hybrid map with contour lines, place and street names, and the option to filter your hunting ground map by sighting, route, points of interest, time and people.

What subscription models are available (Pro)?

There are currently three subscription models:

  • Monthly subscription for €7.99
  • 3-month subscription for €19.99
  • 12-month subscription for €69.99

There will be a 50% discount on all our subscription models until we have finished developing our Pro features.

Hunting ground map and territory management

Why do I see outdated maps?

It may be that during an update the app automatically switched between the offline map and the Google Maps online map. To change back to the previous map view, click on the settings wheel in the top right. There you can choose between the different map views using the “Filter hunting ground” option.

How can I add a date to a bagged entry later on?

To add or change the kill date on an already recorded takedown, click on the entry and under “edit” scroll down and then click on the “show more” arrow underneath the map.

In this tab you can also enter in the causes and precise date with time.

You can save the whole thing by clicking on “update”.

How do I delete district members?

To delete a fellow hunter from the territory, you can edit the hunting ground by clicking on the cog symbol in the upper right. Click on the member when in the hunting ground members section and then click on “Remove from the hunting ground”.

How many admins can one district have?

A hunting ground can have an infinite number of admins. But there is only one owner.

Can I contact other members within the app?

Yes, you can. To add people, go to the “New” menu item and click on the plus symbol in the bottom left.

How do I delete an entry?

To delete an entry you must click on the corresponding entry pin and then click the “Edit” button. Once in this menu you can then scroll down and click on “Delete entry”. This action must now be confirmed by clicking on “Yes” and then the entry will be deleted.

How do I delete a district installation?

To delete a point of interest (e.g. feeding point) , click on it once and then click on the “Edit” button. This allows you to cancel, save or delete the entry. After you have clicked on delete, you will be asked to confirm your choice. The point of interest will then be deleted.

How do I move a district installation on the map?

To move a point of interest, click on it and then click on “Edit”. Now click on the pencil icon on the small map and then choose where on the map the point of interest should be placed. Confirm this change by clicking on “OK” and then “Save”.

Why do my district partners not see my uploaded images?

Hunters can only see pictures others have uploaded if they have already been uploaded to the server, which requires an internet connection. Other people can only see them when they also have an internet connection.

How can I display location names (Pro)?

To display place names, click on the cog symbol in the upper right corner. In this menu you can choose from three different map formats using the “Filter hunting ground” option. The hybrid map is the one that displays the place and street names, as well as elevations and forest paths.

How do I create a to-do list (Pro)?

You can create a to-do list for each point of interest for which task assignment has been approved. You can create a new task by clicking on the point of interest and then on detail view in the “Task list” tab. After you have described and confirmed the task, you can assign this task to a fellow hunter (in your hunting territory) by clicking on the person icon on the right.

Once the task is complete, you can mark it as done by ticking the box.

How do I create a custom district installation (Pro)?

You can create a custom point of interest by clicking on the cog in the top right. Then click on “Edit hunting ground”; underneath your already existing points of interest, click on “Add point of interest”. You should now see two tabs. Under “My points of interest” you can create a new type of point by clicking on the “New type of point of interest”.

You then go on to the colour selection where you can choose the background colour of your pin. Once you have set a colour, you can choose a symbol that best describes this point of interest.

In the next step you can select the features of your point of interest and whether it can have tasks assigned to it and/or whether it is bookable.

Now you can give this type of point of interest a name.

Under your list of points of interest you can now see your newly created type of point of interest and can place this directly onto your hunting ground map by clicking on the pin.

How do I assign a task to someone else (Pro)?

To assign someone a task, they must be a member of your hunting ground. Select the point of interest by clicking on it and either create a new task or go to the task list. Now click on the person icon to the right of the task and select the desired member from the list of your hunting ground members and then click on “Apply”. The task will then be assigned to this member.

How do I delete a task (Pro)?

To delete a task, select the point of interest with the task and click on the pencil icon. A trash can icon now appears on the right next to the task. Click on the trash can and confirm your selection.

How do I book a high seat (Pro)?

If you would like to book a high seat or another point of interest, you need to open the point of interest, go to the “Bookings” tab and click on the arrow to the right of “Raised hide available”. Select your name from the list and the hide will be booked for 24 hours.

How do I book a district installation for someone else (Pro)?

If you would like to book a raised hide or another point of interest, you need to open the point of interest, go to the “Bookings” tab and click on the arrow to the right of “Raised hide available”. Select the name of the hunter from your territory and the hide will be booked for them for 24 hours.

How long does my booking last (Pro)?

A booking is valid for 24 hours.

Can I create a booking or task assignment without an internet connection (Pro)?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. A booking or task can only be created or assigned to someone when you have an internet connection.


How can I change my profile data?

Currently you would need to contact us at info@hunterco.de. But we are working on making it possible for you to make your own changes in the future.

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter? 

To unsubscribe from the newsletter, scroll down to the bottom of the newsletter e-mail and click unsubscribe.

I forgot my password. What should I do? 

If you have forgotten your password, you can click on “Forgotten password” on the login screen. To reset your password, you will need to type your e-mail address in on the next screen. An e-mail will then be sent to the specified e-mail address. This contains instructions on how to reset your password.

Where can I find the e-mail with the instructions on how to change my password?

You should see the e-mail in the inbox of the e-mail address you used to reset your password. If not, please check your spam folder.