About us

Insights into the world of Hunter & Co.

The beautiful city of Munich is the hunting ground of Hunter & Co.

Developing MyHunt has been a dream come true for our team. We are made up of hunters, software developers and nature lovers. They work to make the app a little better for the hunting community every day. 

Always hunting for new ideas, we have made the topic of hunting our mission – because MyHunt is made for hunters, by hunters.


A simple solution for hunters…

Our vision is to bring hunting friends together and to make preparing, organising, and administrating your hunt easy. We envision MyHunt being the faithful companion that is always in the hunters pocket. It provides assistance with all the hunting processes, allowing you to simply get out and enjoy nature and the hunt.


Our hunting trail…

We started with a shared vision and passion for hunting – but we were soon able to make our ideas a reality and the “MyHunt” project started to take shape. Since then, we have been on our path and look forward to implementing new exciting features for the global hunting community. We want to thank our users for their continued feedback and support.

Nov 2019

The first version of MyHunt Pro with lots of additional features became available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Aug 2019

MyHunt became scalable and the foundation was laid for the international release.

Jan 2019

The community feature went online and hunters were able to connect and discuss topics within MyHunt.

Dec 2018

The first version of Hunter & Co. – MyHunt – became available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in the German Speaking region.

Oct 2018

Hunter & Companion GmbH was founded and we started to turn our idea into a reality.

June 2018

We interviewed and surveyed over 3,500 participants in 8 countries.

May 2018

Saw the start of a shared vision of a hunting app that is by hunters, for hunters.

The hunting community

The Hunter & Co. team is made up of hunters, nature lovers and developers who would love to share their passion for hunting with you.

Lorenz Frey-Hilti

Managing Director

Markus Ortmann

Managing Director

Daniel Feile

Product & Marketing

Stefan Gregor


Boris Rutkowski



Where is our journey taking us…

MyHunt gets a little better each day and we are planning on adding lots of great features in the future based on your feedback.

The first version is live and shows the first wave of features that are relevant to hunters.

The next versions are being developed and will provide even better communication between hunters.

Our goal is to create a one-stop hunting app that hunters can use in every situation and that actively supports the organisation of our sport.