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MyHunt is a hunting app by hunters, for hunters.

Our app supports you with the planning before you go, staying by your side both when you’re in your hunting grounds and after the kill. It is a personalised and community-based organisation tool for your hunting ground, and allows you to chat with your hunting buddies!

Hunting ground map

Create and manage your hunting ground maps using our variety of map styles. Choose your ideal style from online, offline and hybrid maps with contour lines, street names and path markings.

Hunting ground points of interest

Easily add hides, bait spots, camera traps and much more to your hunting ground map. You can also use our point of interest configurator to add your own points of interest, such as hunting lodges, SOS points, and much more.

Community hunting ground map

Share your hunting ground map incl. additional information with your hunting buddies to share hunting ground maintenance. Manage roles such as admin or user within the hunting ground map.

Bagging list

Entries that you or your hunting partner have created are automatically added to the new bagged kill list. This means it’s always easy to keep an eye on what you’ve bagged!


Enter in your sightings, takedowns and other experiences on your hunting ground map.

Raised hide planning

Always know and plan who will be where.

To-do lists

Create tasks for each point of interest and assign them to others.


The compass function allows for easy orientation in the hunting ground.

Chronicle your hunting experiences

Whether it’s sightings, takedowns or trapped game – add all of your hunting experiences to your very own hunting history.

Photo album

Save images for yourself or, if you’d like, share photos of your hunting trips with your friends and sort them by hunting ground and timeframe.

Hunting diary

Chronologically log your hunting entries and experiences.

Talk with hunting buddies

Benefit from sharing knowledge with hunting buddies and the hunting community. Discuss your hunting experiences, share images and post within a closed community.


Stay up to date on what your hunting buddies are up to. 

Hunting and territory groups

Share personal information and photos in your hunting groups and decide who can view your posts.

Planned features

MyHunt will grow based on your feedback and will be expanded in time to include many more exciting features. 

Wind and weather

Preview the weather, temperature, moon phases and wind direction in your hunting ground.


Find special offers and make use of our discounts.


View news from the region, publishers and other hunters all in your own feed.

Download now for iOS & Android

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Feedback from passionate hunters

Moritz Keller
Hunter for 23 years

“An app that is wonderfully tailored to my hunting activities and allows me to chat with my hunting partners.”

Hubert Steiner
Hunter for 42 years

“Recording the sighting and bagging of game is very easy and intuitive to use.”

Paul Maier
Hunter for 8 years

“I’ll have to tell my friends about the hunting ground community management right away. We’ve been looking for something like this for a long time.”

We’re happy to help

Do you have any questions about MyHunt or a suggestion on how we can improve the app?
Contact me or my team. We look forward to hearing from you!

Markus Ortmann

Founder & Managing Director